When organizations lose their talent there's a cost. Some reports claim it's 1.5x the lost employee's salary to replace them. While others claim the cost is more dramatic especially when employees are from an underrepresented community. Bad experiences close talent pipelines from these tightknit groups. Costing your organization valuable productivity.

More importantly the loss of diverse employees costs you culture input and point of view necessary to move into our new global reality. A reality where talent is a premium and in short supply. Talented diverse employees are necessary to hire and more important to retain long term.

Let me help you develop your Agility profile to retain your diverse employees and create a culture where people want to belong.


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Box and Learn

A Seminar w/ Punch

Tired of the same ol' seminars, team building, and lunch n learns? Yes, most of us are!

How about something different? How about getting your people moving, learning, and having fun.

I offer a unique experience combining boxing instruction and a leadership seminar combined.

What you get:

  • KnowldgeWorkx Assessment
  • Boxing lessons from a USA Boxing coach
  • Transformational Leadership Coaching
  • Follow-up coaching
  • A good workout

What you wont get:

  • A black eye
  • Bored
  • Side-eye from your team when you pitch the idea of a Box and Learn Seminar

More info?

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There's a global shortage of talent. The market to attract top employees is now global. Retaining your team is more important than ever.

Let me help your team retain your talent giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Source: Korn Ferry 2030 Global Talent Crunch Spring 2018

Uncovering your worldview assessment and virtual cohort

The rules of leadership have changed in this new era. Every leader must now be equipped with intercultural tools to be agile in our diverse world. The first step is knowing your own view of the world. Let us help. Join an 'Uncovering Worldview' cohort.

  • What: A 3-hour peer cohort (meets weekly for 60 minutes) lead by certified cultural agility practitioner. You'll uncover your cultural worldview allowing you to take the first step as a new era leader.

  • Cost: $99 per person

Get networking online or be left behind
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The sport of boxing has many parallels to leadership, culture, and learning. Make your next DEI/ DBE training extra fun w/ this unique development experience.

Coaching in Business Concept


Develop your Agility skills individually, cohort based, or team centric. In person or virtually.

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First Monday of every month at 1pm CST

Keep your best at the table by understanding the cross cultural challenge we all face.

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With so much talent demand it's necessary to have a multicultural team.. Maybe you tried, but your diverse employees don't seem to last. Why? Because they may be experiencing culture shock.

I can help you develop an Agility profile to mitigate the some of the effects of culture shock helping you keep your talented team

Begin your agility journey.

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About Mike Ashley

Lead Trainer

Mike's an Air Force vet from Chicagoland's Southside. As member of an underrepresented group he has often served as the first or only staff member of color.

Let him use his experience and tools to help you create a space at the table for all.

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